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The best culinary stops in the direction of Tuscany

When you think of Italy, you think of the wonderful climate, good wines and of course pasta y pizza. To get yourself in the Italian atmosphere already Breakzy has found six restaurants for you towards Tuscany. Culinary highlights, places to eat a fast but tasty pizza or a delicious ‘’dolce’’ (Italian for dessert). Have you arrived already in Italy? A small tip: do not order a salad next to your delicious pizza, and slicing your spaghetti is ‘’not done’’ for Italians. Just enjoy and chat with your table companions. Buon appetito!

Ristorante Rossini 
‘Ristorante Rossini’ is the ideal place for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant is atmospheric, cosy and Italian dishes of the highest quality are waiting for you. In addition to pasta, other culinary dishes are served, such as salmon from the grill or fresh vegetables. The prices of a main course vary between 9 and 25 euros. It is advisable to call in advance to make an reservation. Ristorante Rossini is open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to midnight, from 3 PM till 5 PM they are closed. (This is by the way quite common in Italy).

Ristorante da Roberto
‘Ristorante da Roberta’, with this name it is almost obvious that the chef of this restaurant is Italian. His passion is preparing the real Italian dishes, but other international dishes are also presented on the menu. The restaurant at the port of ‘Merzig’ offers an outdoor terrace; guaranteed enjoyment in the summer! In addition to the main courses of around 20 euros they offer two varying lunch dishes per day. Having lunch is possible until 2 PM and for dinner they are open again from 5 PM.

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Ristorante & Pizzeria Trotter

When you reserve a table at ‘Ristorante Trotter’ you have already arrived in Italy, as they are located in the west of Milan. This restaurant of the D’Aquino family has many traditional Italian dishes on the menu, but not only on the menu: they have even included the original recipes on their website! So when you get home you can simply copy your favourite dish yourself. Ristorante Trotter is open all week except on Tuesday afternoon. Not enough time for a long dinner? Order a pizza or pasta for take away!

Al Teatro

‘Al Teatro’ is a little different from the other restaurants in this blog, Al Teatro is not only a restaurant but also a Pub. They serve both Italian and European dishes. If you no longer have to drive, you should definitely try one of the many special beers. All dishes are fresh, handmade and are typical of the Parma region. It is advisable to make a reservation in advance. You can taste the atmosphere at Al Teatro from Wednesday to Sunday.

Canasta Ristorante Pizzeria 

In Reggio Emilia is this originally Sicilian restaurant ‘Canasta’ located. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon to midnight but closed between half past three and half past seven PM, so for a lunch or dinner, on Italian dinner times, you are at the right place. Tip: don’t forget to make a reservation at the weekend! The menu of Canasta is simple but typically Mediterranean. The chef strives for high-quality dishes combined with matching wines from the region.

Bancia Bio Risto Café

In the same region, Reggio Emilia, you will find Bancia Bio Risto Café. Both vegetarian and vegan dishes are served, but you don’t have to look any further for authentic spaghetti. Bancia Bio has many tables inside and on the shady terrace where you can sit with warm temperatures. In this modern and new building you can go for dinner, lunch and as well breakfast. So if you are almost at your final destination, grab a coffee (100% Arabica coffee!) and those last miles will fly by! Opened from 7.30 AM till 10.30 PM, prices vary from 8 to 30 euro. Buon divertimento!

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