With the interactive maps from Breakzy you can show the nicest places along a route, in the area, provence or even country. It is a nice way for travelers to discover the destination before and during the vacation. An interactive map for your website? We show the benefits for you.

Find out how it works!

But there is more..

Our interactive maps can be made for any desired destination, you are free by choosing the filters, the number of locations, language and the color scheme of the map.

The built-in framework can be built into any website. Because you choose a map in your own color scheme, the frame will fit directly with your website.

Discover below why an interactive map is a must have for websites nowadays.

  • Search among many offers
  • Experience the location before departure
  • Estimating location of destinations, travel distances and duration is difficult
  • Not sure what to view, do and experience

“Customers want to choose between the offers themselves, but this takes a lot of time.”

  • Create overview on the website
  • Be distinctive in comparison to competitors
  • Create an experience on the website
  • Provide reliable suggestions at your destination
  • Helping as many customers as possible without losing too much time

“Your offer is very large and diverse, the challenge is to retain customers on your website.”


  • All offers in one overview
  • Provides experience before departure
  • Provides filter options based on preference
  • Gives the customer the information he is looking for without the need for companies to spend extra time on this

“An interactive map will give your customers a clear overview of where everything is located and what to do in the direct environment. This is how you inspire customers and offer them certainty.”

How it works

  • Based on locations
  • Using filters
  • Structured
  • Preview
  • Extensive info + photo
  • Reviews
  • Directly from map
  • Accommodations & activities
  • Navigate directly
  • Save for later
  • Direct acces to activities

Breakzy vs. other interactive maps

  • Making your own maps is a complex process which makes it time consuming, also in terms of updates
  • Breakzy already has the technology and has a database with relevant content
  • Understanding the industry, Breakzy takes care of the work for you

Interactive maps B2B

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